1) General
  Library :  

                The library is the heart of any academic institution and plays an important role in all academic activities and more so in law institutions. Keeping in view, the aims and objectives of legal education, the library has been planned and is systematically developed by qualified professional library staff. It has collection of over 16000 volumes covering wide range of text books, reference books, back volumes, journals & reports etc. apart from current legal periodicals.
                The library functions from 9.00 a. m. to 5.00 p.m. Separate reading room arrangement is made for girls & boys students. The students can avail this facility on all working days during prescribed hours.              
                Our library has collection of law books on almost all topics, of all the renowned authors of the country. Many books of the renowned foreign authors have also enriched our library. We have a well-stocked text book sets on law topics for the student community. There is a continuous and regular purchase of law books. Our library has number of Indian and foreign law journals. We can mention few of them as All India Reporter from 1925 to 2002, All England Reporter 1936 to 2002, supreme Court cases from 1969 to 2002, Hulsbury's laws of England Vol 1 to 56, Indian appeals from Vol 1 to 77 (Privy council judgements) labour Law Journal from 1969 to 2002, Maharashtra law journals 1963 to 2002 etc. Our library had 200 books there about in the beginning. Now our library has over 13,800 books almost on all topics of law. Not only our library benefits the student community and teaching faculty, but also the members of the Bar at the District Headquarters at Sangli and from Taluka Bar are benefited. On number of occasions the members of the judiciary also draw the books from our library.


A) Book Collection :
            The College library has a collection of 13,816 books. The collections of the books broadly fall under the Humanities and Social Sciences. They are in the subject os law, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, and International Organizations besides others. The collection comprises mainly with books, reports, legal encyclopedia, reports, current journals, back volumes, Directories, yearbooks. The organization of the entire collection is as given below.
            The whole collection has been divided into three sections as below.
1) Reference Section :- This section includes various reference books concerning to various branches of law. All English Law Reports (Since 1936), Halsbury's Laws of English (4th edition), Keer's Law of Injunction, The History of the criminal Law of England by stephen, Jurisprudence by Roscoe Pound, Moor's Indian Appeal (1836 to 1872), a set of books consisting of 79 volumes of Indian Appeal (1872 to 1950), Encyclopedia of forms and precidents deserve special mention. Some books written in Marathi language are also included in this section for general reading. All reference books are according to Dewey Decimal Classification System and arranged accordingly.
2) Text Book Section :- The Second section includes the Text Books. All teh Textbooks prescribed under the syllabus of teh Shivaji University are procured and placed subject wise. This section has a Special Cell for Competitive Examinations, where the books required for the preparation of competitive examinations are separately displayed and issued to students as per requiremet.
3) Journal Section :- The Third section of library comprises of bound volumes of peer-reviewed Journals. They include All India Reporter (since 1925), Maharashtra Law Journal and Labour Law journal (since 1969), Supreme Court Cases (since 1969), Indian Law Reports (Allahabad, Calcutta, Madras & Bombay series). Eminent lawyers like Late Advocate B.S. Kore, Late Advocate K. A. Chougule, and Advocate M. B. Karmarkar have donated some of thesebound volumes of Journals.

B) Non Book Collection :-
Our college has started to collect non book collection like CD's and Video Cassettes on different legal topics. At present we have procured 15 Video cassettes and 12 CD's.

C) Law Journals/Periodicals Subscribed

Law Journals
1)  All India Reporter                               6)  Law Teller
2)  Maharashtra Law Journal                    7)  Legal News and Views
3)  Labour Law Journal                            8)  Tax and Carporate Reference
4)  Current Central Legislation                  9)  Indian Bar Review
5)  Supreme Court Cases                        10) Current Civil Cases

Miscellaneous periodicals
11) Social Action                                     17) Outlook
12) University News                                 18) Business India
13) Competition Success Review               19) Time       20) Sportstar
14) Frontline                                            21) Education World
15) India Today                                        22) The Week
16) Bombay Chartered Accountant Journal  23) Readers Digest

Marathi Section
24) Vyapari Mitra    26) Satyagrahi            28) Amrut             30) Krishi Prasad
25) Ydhyojak          27) Spardha Pariksha  29) Krishi Vidnyan  31) Lokrajya

D) Daily Newspapers
1) Kesari             4) Loksatta     7) Yuva Sakal              10) Times Of India
2) Tarun Bharat   5) Pudhari      8) Maharashtra Times  11) Economic Times
3) Lokmat           6) Sakal         9) Indian Express          12) Agradut

E) Weeklies
1) Saptahik Sakal  2) Arthamanthan   3) Employment News  4) Business Line  5) Sunday Times

F) Automation of Library
Computerization of library has been completed. Circulation of books is also made with the help of computer. Now this year we are introducing OPAC service to the users of library.


1) Book Bank Scheme:-
As the law books are very costly it is not possible for all the students, especially those who are hailing from the economically impecunious families, to purchase the books for all the subjects. With the financial assistance of University Grants Commission, the College has implemented Book Bank scheme since 1978 for needy and deserving students to counter this situation. Thanks to the financial assistance of Social Welfare Department of Maharashtra State, the College is able to provide set of books to all the students belonging to SC and ST category. In this scheme, a set of books for all the subjects are given to students for one academic year up to the end of examination. At present we are having total 148 sets for different classes. Further, in order to ensure proper implementation of this scheme, separate rules have also been framed.

Law books are every costly. It is not possible for a student belonging to poor family and SC/ST categories to purchase the books. It is the necessary to implement "Book Bank Scheme" and provide set of books to poor and deserving students.
With the assistance of UGC grants, the Book Bank Scheme was established in the College in the year 1977. The Social Welfare Department of Maharashtra government has also granted a sum of Rs.97,000/- and Rs. 1,07,000/- for the implementation of Book Bank scheme especially for SC and ST students in the year 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 respectively.
The College is presently having the following number of sets of books under the Book Bank Scheme.


No. of sets

1) First year of five-year law course
2) Second year of five-year law course

3) Third year of five-year law course & F.Y.LL.B.
4) Fourth year of five-year law course & S.Y.LL.B.
5) Fifth year of five-year law course & F.Y.LL.B.




This scheme is very popular with the students of the College as all the students belonging to SC and ST categories and majority of the needy and deserving students have also availed this facility. For the proper functioning of this Scheme, separate rules have been framed.

2) Orientation to Students :-
The freshers under both the three year and five year degree courses are imparted the "library Orientation Programme" as a part of the induction process by arranging campus and library tour. Further, a special guidance at an advanced level is given to the final year students to make use of various legal documents available in the library with an emphasis on legal information retrieval techniques with the assistance of senior teachers of the college.

3) Reference Service :-
Many advocates and Judges from District and Taluka Bar avail this facility. In case of any assistance or difficulty in locating or identifying the information they can contact the Librarian.

4) Department of Audio-visual Aids :-
Library provides Audio-visual Aid to students and teachers by displaying various CD's and Video cassettes on different legal topics through television. A separate room is allotted for this services in the library. A special seating arrangement has been made in this department of the library. Students and teachers are very much impressed by this service of library.

5) Internet Service :-
To search the information about various case laws and other legal information Internet facility is provided to teachers, students and research scholars.

6) Photocopying Service :-
College has procured Xerox machine which is kept in the library. Any reference from book of the library if needed, by the user of library, he/she can get it Xeroxed without spending their valuable time at a nominal cost.

7) Inter library Loan Facility :-
"Rangnathan Study Circle" has been established in Sangli city. All the college librarians in Sangli are the members of this study circle. All college librarian in Sangli use to meet in every month and exchange their views regarding current trends in library profession.
All librarian have decided to provide interlibrary loan facility to all the users of college libraries with the permission of the principal. Therefore users of our library are benefited by this facility and they can get books from any college library in Sangli.

Bank Of Books
Oriantation Programme in the Library
Adv. M. P. Vashi, Mumbai Highcourt visit to Library
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